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Helping you live in a clean home without giving up all your free time !

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No matter how clean your house is, visible stains on the rugs will make it look dirty.

How many times have you felt frustrated with the stains on your rugs? 

How much time have you spent trying to clean and scrub rug stains only to realize that the dirt stays where it is?

NY Steam Clean will clean your rugs, and get rid of the stains. Helping you live in a clean home, so you can focus on things that matter!

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Our Rug Cleaning Services


Pick-Up Rug Cleaning

Our rug pick-up service ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process in our specialized facility.

Pick Up Area Rug Cleaning Process:

  • Pre-inspect and tag rug.
  • Dust and vacuum rug.
  • Pre-treat stains and spots.
  • Clean using specialized equipment.
  • Drying and grooming.

Once dry, we conduct a final inspection and any necessary finishing touches before packaging and delivering them back to you.

At Home Area Rug Cleaning

Our convenient at-home rug steam cleaning service is designed specifically for rugs that cannot be easily transported, including large or heavy rugs and those that are part of a wall-to-wall installation.

At-Home Rug Cleaning Process:

  • Vacuum and inspect rug.
  • Pre-treat stains if present.
  • Use rug cleaning solution.
  • Rinse and air dry.

Pet Stain Cleaning

Accidents are bound to happen when you have pets. NY Steam Clean is here to effectively address even the most stubborn pet stains and odors on your rugs.  

Pet Stain Removal:

  • Pre-treat with stain remover.
  • Agitate and blot.
  • Deep clean the pet stain
  • Rug is left clean and smelling fresh

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Carpet Cleaning


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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning


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We get it! Rug stains are not just annoying but they destroy the look of your home.

We understand the struggle of trying to keep a clean home without sacrificing all your free time. With over 15 years of experience we have become experts in removing any and all rug stains. With us you can count on:

  • Expert rug cleaning using  latest equipment and techniques. 
  • Fair and transparent pricing, no upselling tactics.
  • Eco friendly cleaning solutions that are safe both for you and for your pets. 

15 Years in business and 10,000 stains removed

Before and after pictures of just a few of our projects

Our other service

Discover why 2500+ happy customers have chosen us as their go-to rug cleaning experts.

"I had a carpet that needed to be cleaned after a renovation. The technician that was sent explained the process and what to expect from the service. The carpets came out nice and clean even though it had pets stains. I'm very happy with NY Steam Clean service and will definitely be using them again."
Debbie E.
'Outstanding service and customer care!!! I called this service to clean my carpet after several years of use. The job was so well done! Carpet looks as new! So glad I choose this business!!! Who interested - this business keeps up with latest safety guidelines! Best price! No hidden fees! Highly recommended!'
Polina P
Google Review
I called NY Steam Clean had carpet cleaned in the entire house and two area rugs that they picked up and delivered back. All the stains came out. Considering I have a very active toddler who managed to drop or spill everything on these carpets from juice to pee, I'd say they did an excellent job. Highly recommend.
Jennifer P
Google Review
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Call us today, and get back to what really matters!

At NY Steam Clean we know  the importance of a well balanced life, a clean home and ability to spend time with your loved ones. But in order to live that way you need more FREE time. The problem is you have many other responsibilities. Which can be very frustrating and even overwhelming.

We believe you should be able to live in a clean home, without spending all your free time cleaning. 

That’s why NY Steam Clean will come to your home and clean, refresh and disinfect your rugs for you. 

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  • Stressing over your dirty stained rugs.
  • Feeling anxious over missed times with your family. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. 
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And Get ready to….

  • Love your clean, fresh rugs.
  • Enjoy extra free time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Breath easy knowing there is one less thing for you to do.

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