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How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Home: A Handy Guide

How to chose a perfect rug? Are you moving into a new house? Renting an apartment? Or maybe you wish to change your current home?  Not many things will change the look and feel of a room like a rug. From the pattern to size and thickness of a rug, they come in many variations and will allow you to express your unique vision and style. The perfect rug will tie your room together and make a house feel like a home.

With all these different options it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. But I am here to help. Here is everything you need to know about material, sizes and even how to care for your rug.

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Material Matters: Finding the Fabric That Fits

First things first, let’s talk about materials. Perfect rugs come in all sorts of fabrics, each with its own charm and character. If you’re looking for something soft and cozy, wool rugs are a classic choice. They’re durable, luxurious, and perfect for high-traffic areas like the living room or hallway.

For a touch of elegance, silk rugs are the way to go. These beauties are incredibly soft and have a gorgeous sheen that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Just be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

If you’re all about that eco-friendly lifestyle, consider a natural fiber rug like jute or sisal. Not only are they sustainable, but they also add a rustic touch to your décor. Just keep in mind that they may not be the best choice for rooms prone to spills and stains.

Material Matters: Finding the Fabric That Fits​

Size Matters: Finding the Perfect Fit

Now that you’ve picked out your perfect rug material, it’s time to talk about size. Choosing the right size rug can make or break a room, so it’s essential to get it just right. As a rule of thumb, aim to leave at least 18 inches of bare floor around the edges of the rug to create a border.

In the living room, a rug should be large enough to fit all of your furniture comfortably. This means that all four legs of your sofa and chairs should be able to fit on the rug. In the dining room, make sure your rug extends at least 24 inches beyond the edges of your table to allow room for chairs to slide in and out easily.

For bedrooms, a rug should extend at least 18 inches beyond the sides of your bed to create a cozy landing spot for your feet when you wake up in the morning.

Maintenance Matters: Keeping Your Rug Looking Like New

Last but not least, let’s talk maintenance. To keep your rug looking fresh and fabulous, regular vacuuming is key. Be sure to use a brush attachment to gently remove dirt and debris without damaging the fibers.

For spills and stains, tackle them as soon as possible to prevent them from setting in. Blot the area with a clean, white cloth to soak up any excess liquid, then gently dab with a mixture of water and mild detergent.

Keeping Your Rug Looking Like New

And Don't Forget!

And don’t forget to give your perfect rug some TLC every now and then with a professional cleaning. Our team here at NY Steam Clean is always happy to lend a hand and keep your rug looking its very best!

Call or text us at 917-818-2412 and well take care of all your rug cleaning needs.

Well, there you have it, folks! With these handy tips in your back pocket, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect rug for your home. Happy decorating!

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